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Сообщение написано nudist в 11/04/09 :: 00:35:37

Заголовок: 500 internal server error
Создано nudist в 11/04/09 :: 00:35:37

install is complete, settings etc. When I click on the [index] link from the admin.cgi an try to view the toplist i get an 500 internal server error.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

Заголовок: Re: 500 internal server error
Создано FiZ в 11/05/09 :: 18:47:58

There are 2 possible cases:
1. You hasn't click Rerank button. -Click Rerank and try again.
2. You has wrong path to HTML directory. Go to path settings and check it. -Change settings, click Rerank and try again.

Best regards!

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