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Сообщение написано Ina в 10/11/16 :: 23:12:38

Заголовок: About instalation
Создано Ina в 10/11/16 :: 23:12:38

I'm planing to purchase your TopList Pro script and wonder is it possible to instal it on the subdomain, so that the same domain have 2 Sites.

Thank you in advance:)

Заголовок: Re: About instalation
Создано DF™ в 10/11/16 :: 23:40:39

Toplist You can set as you like - on a subdomain, even in different directories on the same domain. But remember that when buying each unit anywhere will be considered as a separate copy.

Заголовок: Re: About instalation
Создано belita kin в 04/06/18 :: 14:28:21

no idea

Заголовок: Re: About instalation
Создано johnhozy в 06/03/18 :: 10:30:33

Installation guide is need for everyone.

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