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New version of the traffic anti-cheat system  DF™ Cheat Analyzer 2.15! (Прочитано 24932 раз)
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New version of the traffic anti-cheat system  DF™ Cheat Analyzer 2.15!
07/31/10 :: 23:57:41
Hello All!

Released new version of the traffic anti-cheat system DF™ Cheat Analyzer 2.15!
This system is intended for webmasters who have got traffic or, to be more precise, for webmasters getting traffic from other users. If this applies to you, then you are the one this system is intended for!
It doesn't matter how you get that traffic - you may be purchasing it or trading it with different webmasters by means of various scripts (CJ/Top) - what matters is the fact that you are most probably getting cheated!
This system allows fighting most of today's traffic cheats. It gathers and analyzes information by over 30 traffic parameters and uses a number of unique algorithms in the process of revealing possible traffic cheats.
With the help of this system you will be able to bust cheaters with no sweat, which will help you increase the quality of your traffic and, possibly, save quite some money.

The new version features clicks analysis function (calculation of the total number of clicks, exposure of quick clicks, calculation of traffic productivity). The feature allowing connection of several sites to one system has been added (you can buy one copy of the system and use it to analyze traffic on all sites located at your server) - together with the feature allowing grouping of traders and calculation of stats per group. System productivity is increased due to the use of buffer in data reading and the use of multi-threaded calculations in statistics. Administration interfaces have been improved, a number of fixes and minor upgrades have been made.

Full system description: http://www.dfservice.com/cheat-analyzer/
FREE trial-version: http://www.dfservice.com/cheat-analyzer/#tca_trial
Upgrading previous versions of the free!


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Re: New version of the traffic anti-cheat system  DF™ Cheat Analyzer 2.15!
Ответ #1 - 06/07/18 :: 10:09:23
It is pleasure for me know about this new version.
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